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Funny Reasons for Studying Spanish

Learning Spanish is done for practical reasons, as the students across the country. Some take Spanish to get better jobs, some take Spanish to communicate better with local Spanish-speaking populations, some just take Spanish because they have to. However, the Spanish also taken for another set of reasons; reasons that you might not think about when you take up a Spanish textbook and say "hola" for the first time.

Say "Adios" to subtitles

Foreign films of all calibres have started using Spanish-speaking scenes in their cinematic sequences. Although these scenes usually assisted by floating text at the bottom of the screen to know Spanish, these floating words will be superfluous. You simply drag and drop from your repertoire of Spanish words and you can finally turn off the annoying subtitles out for good. With this, any movie with Spanish speakers is no longer a mystery for you.

Scrabble Scores

The game Scrabble allows words to be played from all languages in most rule settings. If you know two languages, are your chances to form a Word from the rare and obscure consonants will increase exponentially. No longer are you stuck, will the hum-drum ' yes ', now, can you fix the Spanish equivalent "si". With two languages the sleeves up, you can bedazzle your friends and blow them away on Scrabble.

Surprise that Waitress

Many Spanish or Mexican cuisine restaurants uses waitresses and waitress, who only speak limited English. If you know their language, you can order your Jumbo Burrito in perfect Spanish to impress your friends, your date, or waitress even. If you are with a large group, you just need to order everyone's meal for them for extra effect. It will also make to take down order is much simpler for a waitress or waiter doomed to wait on you.

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