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How to Pass the English Section of the TEAS Test

TEAS Exam stands for "Test of Essential Academic Skills"  - see for more. It is a test of academic achievement, covering material generally learned from grades seven to 12. . It is a prerequisite for entry into a college program for nursing. The test is divided into four sections: English, science, mathematics and reading. The English section is sorted separately and are designed to test entry level skills.

1. Understand the makeup of the test, so you have a better chance of passing. Know that it is a three-hour multiple choice exam.

Use the assigned 34 minutes to reply to 34 points in the English section. Pass 50% of the English questions, and you meet the requirements for that section.

Please note that contextual vocabulary, including punctuation, grammar, syntax and spelling used in the exam.

2. Ask either at the College that you plan to attend or college campus, where the test will be given, if they have an available study guide or a practice test. Get these and get familiar with the exam. Check with your library to see if they have some.

3. Start preparation early. Don't wait until the last minute. Refresh your memory of the material, you have probably already studied in school. Team review the material. Emphasize important points.

4. Review grammar. Concentrate on the areas in which people generally make errors. Include concepts such as when to use "who" and "whom". " Who "used as a topic and" who "as an object. Be sure you know the agreement of subject and verb. A singular subject must take a singular verb.

Learn the difference between a fragment and a sentence. A complete sentence requires a subject and verb.

Get a review book and study it, if you have forgotten these and other common grammatical principles and errors. Make a list in your notebook.

5. Work with vocabulary, since the word meaning is generally a part of the English test. Review a list of commonly misunderstood words.

Make a list of prefixes. Do the same for suffixes. Includes topics such as anti (against), co (together), or ology (the study of). Remember these.

Try to guess the word meaning from context or structure. Put them on the map and take them wherever you go to practice.

6. Make a list of commonly misspelled words and enter them in your notebook. Browse through these. Consider the words that sound alike but have different meanings.

Pay attention to the "exception" or "accept". Group similar words together.

7. A revision of the rules for punctuation. Be sure you know the use of commas and quotation marks. The study "its" and "it is" and capitalisation and apostrophes

8. Follow these tips to take a multiple choice exam:. Hotel deals

Answers to easy questions first. Make sure you get credit for these rather than spending too much time on difficult issues.

Eliminate choices that you are reasonably sure is wrong.

Let time to go over and check your answers.

Please be aware that "always" or "never" is usually not good choices. Look for the "General" or "typical".

9. Start with studying alone. Form or join a study group with others to take the same exam. Meet with them to review and to discuss new ideas about the material on the exam.

10. Find a relaxing activity the night before and not cram at the last minute. Go to a movie. Meet friends. Get your mind off the test. Eat a good breakfast that morning.

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