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Kindergarten Teacher Education Requirements

Educators have a number of responsibilities related to kindergarten preparation. These include teaching academic readiness and social, listening and communication skills. States set their own requirements for educators, but in General, there are three levels of educational requirements for educators: a high school diploma, a Child Development Associate (or CDA according to degree and a bachelor's degree. Educational program names vary, but they are typically as early childhood educational institutions or pre-primary education requirements.


The community and privately-run kindergartens usually require their teachers to hold a high school diploma or have a GED ( It is a requirement in some State licensing rules as kindergartens hires only teachers who have graduated high school or have earned a GED. For preschool programs that have not been approved, the owner or preschool Board determines the required level of education. Church kindergartens do not have to meet state licensing rules, if they do not accept State or federal funding. If they accept the State Babysitting funds for eligible children, they must meet state licensing requirements.

Child Development Associate degree can be earned in two years by either a Community College or a technical school. A CDA requires generally complete 60 hours of training from an institution with expertise in early childhood teacher preparation. Students who complete the program receive a transcript, certificate or a letter of completion. The overall focus of the CDA is to teach students about the principles of child development and how children learn. Topics addressed in the CDA coursework includes how to plan safe, healthy preschool environments; How to support the physical, intellectual, social, emotional and behavioral growth of children; and how to operate a nursery effectively maintain positive relationships with families.

Bachelor's Degree

Educator educational requirements for a bachelor's degree vary from institution to institution, but in General, they require 120 hours of academic coursework more place-based preschool experience and an internship or student teaching experience, there is one semester in length. The first two years of a college education, or about 60 hours of courses consists of liberal arts courses in mathematics, science, English, literature, history, etc. The remaining hour courses focus on educator preparation. Knowledge areas addressed include: child development, teaching children, infant toddler environments, child activities, childcare, food and nutrition, education, learning, teaching methods, etc.

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