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Salt Lake Community College

School Profile

  • Salt Lake Community CollegePublic Two-year Community College/Technical College in Salt Lake City, UT
  • Acceptance Rate: N/A
  • Regionally Accredited: Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges

Enrollment Statistics

Undergraduate Students: 29,479
Undergraduate Students Who are Seeking Degree: 27,916

Degree Programs Offered and Courses List

  • Associate of Airline - Commercial Pilot/Flight Crew
  • Associate of Animation/Special Effects
  • Associate of Architectural Drafting
  • Associate of Automotive Technology
  • Associate of Biology
  • Associate of Building/Property Maintenance
  • Associate of Business - General
  • Associate of Chemical Technology
  • Associate of Chemistry
  • Associate of Civil Drafting/Civil Engineering
  • Associate of Communications/Rhetoric
  • Associate of Computer Engineering
  • Associate of Computer Science
  • Associate of Construction Site Management
  • Associate of Criminal Justice Studies
  • Associate of Culinary Arts/Chef Training
  • Associate of Dental Hygiene
  • Associate of Design/Visual Communications
  • Associate of Early Childhood Special Education
  • Associate of Economics
  • Associate of Electrical/Communications Engineering
  • Associate of Electrical/Electronics Equipment Repair
  • Associate of Electrician
  • Associate of English Language & Literature - General
  • Associate of General Studies
  • Associate of Geography
  • Associate of Geology
  • Associate of Global Studies
  • Associate of History - General
  • Associate of Human Development/Family Studies
  • Associate of Humanities
  • Associate of Industrial Radiologic Technology
  • Associate of Instrumentation Technology
  • Associate of Ironworking
  • Associate of Kindergarten/Preschool Education
  • Associate of Landscaping
  • Associate of Machine Tool Technology
  • Associate of Manufacturing Engineering
  • Associate of Manufacturing Technologies
  • Associate of Materials Engineering
  • Associate of Mathematics - General
  • Associate of Mechanical Engineering
  • Associate of Mechanical Engineering Technology
  • Associate of Medical Radiologic Technology
  • Associate of Music - General
  • Associate of Nursing (RN)
  • Associate of Occupational Therapy Assistance
  • Associate of Paralegal/Legal Assistance
  • Associate of Photographic/Film Technology
  • Associate of Photography
  • Associate of Physical Therapy Assistance
  • Associate of Physics
  • Associate of Pipefitting
  • Associate of Plumbing
  • Associate of Political Science/Government
  • Associate of Psychology - General
  • Associate of Radio/Television Broadcasting
  • Associate of Restaurant/Food Services Management
  • Associate of Sign Language Interpretation
  • Associate of Social Work AScience Technologies* Biology Technician
  • Associate of Sociology
  • Associate of Sport/Fitness Administration
  • Associate of Surveying Technology
  • Associate of Theater Design/Stagecraft
  • Certificate of CabinetmakingMillwork
  • Certificate of Desktop Publishing
  • Certificate of Electrical Engineering Technologies
  • Certificate of Fashion Design
  • Certificate of Industrial Electronics
  • Certificate of Information Processing/Data Entry
  • Certificate of Interior Design
  • Certificate of Legal Administrative Assistance
  • Certificate of Library Assistance
  • Certificate of Machine Shop Technology
  • Certificate of Masonry/Tile Setting
  • Certificate of Medical Administrative Assistance
  • Certificate of Medical Assistance
  • Certificate of Medical Insurance Billing
  • Certificate of Medical Insurance Coding
  • Certificate of Medical Records Technology
  • Certificate of Networking/LAN/WAN Management
  • Certificate of Nursing Assistance
  • Certificate of Office Clerical Services
  • Certificate of Pharmacy Assistance
  • Certificate of Reception
  • Certificate of Surgical Technology
  • Certificate of System Administration
  • Certificate of Truck/Bus/Commercial Vehicle Operation
  • Certificate of Ward Clerk

Online Degrees and Certificates

  • Online Undergraduate Courses
  • Undergraduate Distance Class
  • Online Associate's Degrees
  • Online Bachelor's Degrees
  • Online Graduate Courses
  • Graduate Distance Class
  • Online Master's Degrees
  • Online Doctoral Degrees


  • In-state tuition and fees: $2,790
  • Out-of-state tuition and fees: $8,730

International Students Admissions Requirements

  • TOEFL: required for international applicants
  • Minimum Paper-Based TOEFL score: 450
  • Minimum Computer-Based TOEFL score: 133
  • TOEFL (paper) average score: 500
  • Average TOEFL Score (Computer-based): 173


Member: NJCAA
Team name: Bruins


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Admissions Address

4600 South Redwood Road
Box 30808
Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0808
(801) 957-4298
Fax: (801) 957-4961
Contact: Eric Weber
Dean of Student Enrollment Services


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